Cliff Walk Bucketlist

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With the sun planning to return this weekend we have put together a list of our favourite cliff walks. Ireland has so many amazing walks along the sea which are just perfect for a sunny weekend. Get some exercise in while enjoying the panoramic views.   2.) If you are in the Dublin area orContinue Reading

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These Small Changes Could Make The Difference In This Years Leaving And Junior Certs

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Our New Intern James’ Guide To Surviving The Leaving And Junior Cert    Leaving and junior certificate time! We all remember this time of year with such disdain and horror. The relentless bombardment of questions ‘when do you start?’ ‘when do you finish?’ ‘ have you started studying?’ the answer to these reductive questions is often metContinue Reading


What the Hell are Healthy Fats?

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Once a foodie evil, the latest food trend whisperers have become a lot more open to fat, but in particular “healthy fats” – what are they? Why are the good for you? And how can you make sure you are eating the right kind? Essential to a balanced diet, fats are needed to provide essential fattyContinue Reading