The Girls
Sarah's from Cork and Isolde's from Tipp but they both live in Dublin. They met 7 years ago and always talked about setting up a business together. They share a love for food and more importantly they both love beans!
The Idea
Sarah and Isolde, like many people out there, worked really long hours and they were sick of having cereal for dinner after a long, hard day. With the idea that food is fuel, they wanted something super healthy and tasty but that was really quick and easy to make. They decided to take the protein-packed deliciousness of the humble bean and create a healthy beany meal in a pot in three mind-blowing flavours; original tomato, sumptuous smokey and hot hot chilli. Awesome.
The Bean Machine
What an incredible idea you say... But what next? Time to test out whether people would actually buy it or not. They headed on the festival circuit with their trusty (not so trusty) BEAN MACHINE. They had lots of fun and everyone they met loved Cool Beans as much as they did. But the best part... They were finally making a bean out of beans.
The Brand
With the creative geniuses that are Neworld Design, our branding was brought to life. We talked about all sorts of crazy things like what our ideal party would be and if Cool Beans was an animal what would it be (for anyone that's interested we would be a Lion Monkey - agile, exciting and plucky). Somehow this all came together to create the masterpiece that is our Cool Beans Tubs - and we have to say we're pretty chuffed with them.
The Big Bang
FINALLY, our chance to run with the big guns. We hit supermarket stores in September 2014 and we haven't looked back since (mainly because we have no time to do anything else but sell sell sell). Check out our store listing page to see where you can get your hands on our healthy beany meal in a pot.
We like to dream big - the ultimate ambition is to be an internationally recognised food company that is focused on providing new and interesting convenient solutions in the healthy eating market. We want to help educate people on what they are eating and why quality, non-processed foods are so important to peoples diets, their health and ultimately their happiness in life. Easy peasy!